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FAQ & Page-A-Mod Post


Here you'll find answers to all your land comm questions, rules of the community, and a handy place where you can contact a mod about anything - leaving, taking a hiatus, getting your questions answered.

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What is a land comm?
A land comm is a community where fans of a certain topic come together and participate in various activities (games, chance events, graphics, writing, etc.) to compete with their teams for the top spot. Members earn points for each event they participate in, and have a chance to meet new people with similar loves and interests, as well.

What if I'm not good at graphics or writing?
That's okay! Each activity is something different. You don't have to complete every event posted - just one every two weeks. Mods will try to mix it up and make sure that there aren't a whole bunch of similar events all in a row, so everyone can showcase their individual talents to help their team!

What movies are we allowed to use?
Any movie that has been released in theaters is available for use in this community. Spoiler policy: any film that has opened within the past two weeks of your posting date is not available for use. If a movie is released on say, the first of the month, then you are not allowed to use it in an event until the fifteenth of that month. We also ask that you warn for spoilers until the movie has been in theaters for a month. Any genre is appropriate, but please include applicable warnings for gore, excessive violence, explicit scenes, etc. if they are involved in your entry.

How do I join?
Head on over to the application post. All you have to do is fill out a short form, and after that, you'll be placed on a team, receive invites to your team community, the cinema land community, and our social community.

Which team should I be on?
Any team is great! All teams are the same - they consist of a group of people with interests similar to yours, working towards the same goal of working together to earn the most points. The name is just a name! You'll rank your preferences in your application, and mods will try to give you your first choice. Please remember, though, that to keep it fair, each team must remain as even as possible, so you may not be placed on your first choice team. But don't panic - you'll have fun no matter what team you're on!

Any other questions? Ask them below!

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