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Scene 1, Take 5: Almost the Truth

Goal: Get to know your teammates better and most importantly, have fun! Due: 11:59 pm EST on February 2, 2013. To view time left, please click here.

  • It's time to play a game with your teams! I will make a post in each team community, and it is your job to get the game of two truths and a lie going!

  • I will post two threads in each post: one thread for you, and one thread for your character of choice. Now, the fun is in the mystery. We're all (mostly) strangers to each other, and we have a huge range of films to choose from so maybe the characters will be strangers to us as well!

  • All you have to do is post two truths and a lie about yourself in the first thread (can be as anonymous or specific as you'd like) and then also post two truths and a lie about your character of choice in the second thread (can be obvious or not so obvious).

  • To earn the rest of the points, you must guess which item is the lie for at least two personal lists and two character lists. I will get notifications in the posts, so you do not need to post any participation here.

  • For the sigtag point, you only need to post a sigtag on your personal post with two truths and a lie.

Points: 5 pts per list + 10 pts for 4 or more guesses + 1 pt for sigtag use. Resources: As always, you can find tons of movie facts, trivia, etc. at IMDb.
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