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Application Post


Interested in joining Cinema Land? Awesome! All you've got to do is fill out this short application and we'll get you started! Please apply first. Once you have applied and been placed on a team, you will be invited to join cinema_land and the other communities.

Post the following in a comment below:
- Name:
- Team Preference (rank from most desired to least desired, listing all three):
- How did you hear about Cinema Land?:

Teams are: Indie Film, Rom Com, and Slasher Movie
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Scene 1, Take 5: Almost the Truth

Goal: Get to know your teammates better and most importantly, have fun! Due: 11:59 pm EST on February 2, 2013. To view time left, please click here.

  • It's time to play a game with your teams! I will make a post in each team community, and it is your job to get the game of two truths and a lie going!

  • I will post two threads in each post: one thread for you, and one thread for your character of choice. Now, the fun is in the mystery. We're all (mostly) strangers to each other, and we have a huge range of films to choose from so maybe the characters will be strangers to us as well!

  • All you have to do is post two truths and a lie about yourself in the first thread (can be as anonymous or specific as you'd like) and then also post two truths and a lie about your character of choice in the second thread (can be obvious or not so obvious).

  • To earn the rest of the points, you must guess which item is the lie for at least two personal lists and two character lists. I will get notifications in the posts, so you do not need to post any participation here.

  • For the sigtag point, you only need to post a sigtag on your personal post with two truths and a lie.

Points: 5 pts per list + 10 pts for 4 or more guesses + 1 pt for sigtag use. Resources: As always, you can find tons of movie facts, trivia, etc. at IMDb.
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Excited to get started? We are, too!

For a chance to earn some points for your team before the first scene begins,
feel free to pimp the comm! Each pimp will earn you five points, and each
member recruited that mentions you in their application will earn you a bonus
five points per person. Below is a code you can use, but feel free to make
and use your own, as well!
Please post all pimp links here. If they were made to private communities, please take a screencap that includes the URL bar at the top.

Movie lover? Film fanatic? cinema_land is the place for you!
Apply today for a spot on Team Indie Film, Team Rom Com, or Team Slasher Movie.
The opening scene beings on December 28, 2012.

cinema_land cinema_land cinema_land

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FAQ & Page-A-Mod Post


Here you'll find answers to all your land comm questions, rules of the community, and a handy place where you can contact a mod about anything - leaving, taking a hiatus, getting your questions answered.

All comments are screened.
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Any other questions? Ask them below!